Katsu-Moon Crisis, Make Up!

Sailor Pluto by NoFlutter

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So Katsucon is coming up, and I’m lucky enough to have bullied talked my way into being part of two awesome cosplay groups with equally awesome Canadians! This means that I’ve got two new costumes to make that are going to be taking top priority in the next couple of months. If (and that’s a BIIIIG ‘if’) I get them done in time, I hope to have a third costume finished to flounce around in.


Without further ado…


The Must-Makes:

No Flutter Pluto

Sailor Pluto by NoFlutter Type: Fan Art SenshiDifficulty level: 8.5/10

Special Moves:

  • Pannier Skirt Flirt,
  • Ruffle Collar Kiss,
  • Boot Heel Crush
  • Rose Tiara Magic Jingle
  • Key Staff Make UP!

Limit Break:  Custom Steel Corset Hug!

Other Party Members: Angelica Cosplay, Detailed-Illusion, Elemental, Jackie, Jelly, Nomadic Goldfish, Melting Mirror, ShushuWafflez & VickyBunnyAngel


Aion Chain – Bertria Set

 Aion Bertria Chain  Type: Armor Set from Game I Haven’t PlayedDifficulty level: 6

Special Moves:

  • Sequin Hurricane,
  • Peek-at-chu Tail Whip,
  • Spandex Stretch Morph
  • Leather Feather Tickle

Limit Break:  Neckline Deep Plunge!

Other Party Members: Angelica Cosplay, Nomadic Goldfish, Melting Mirror, ShushuWafflezVickyBunnyAngel & More!


The Hope-to-Make-but-Probably-Won’t-Have-Time-s:


Shoomlah’s Elsa

Regency Elsa by Shoomlah  Type: Disney Queen FanartDifficulty level: 7.5

Special Moves:

  • Frozen Solid Collar
  • Snowflake Pearl Action
  • Embroidery Frost Creep
  • Wig Blizzard Style

Limit Break:  Regency Stay Form Freeze!

Other Party Members: Maybe ShushuWafflez?


Bombshell Black Canary

Black Canary  Type: DC Superhero CheesecakeDifficulty level: 3

Special Moves:

  • Love Glove Punch
  • Hell on painted Heels
  • Shirt and Skirt Smackdown

Limit Break:  Fake Tattoo Design Armbar!

Other Party Members: Kurumasha and/or Nomadic Goldfish?


So what are your plans for the next con? Working on any special Costumes? Let me know!

xox, A soon to be very busy Calamity.

2 thoughts on “Katsu-Moon Crisis, Make Up!

  1. My “shit to make before/for Katsu” list is pretty ridiculous ;; your organizing post inspired me to make proper lists of everything though! you’ll be cosplaying with some of my other favorite Canadian ladies so I can’t wait to see!