Charity Card Drive

Calamity's Charity Card Drive

Hey folks! It’s the 2nd of December and a number of you fine folk (who came out of nowhere, WOW hello!) are going to be celebrating a holiday this month.

Which got me thinking that hey, why not try to share the love a bit? (specially with so many new hits, wow!)

Calamity's Charity Card Drive

Photograph and Initial Editing by Pose4Effect Photography

So Here’s the Deal:

If You …

Donate $$$ (Small or large amount, any bit helps.)


Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities  OR

President’s Choice Children’s Charity OR

Global Fund for Women


Direct Message a screenshot of the confirmation ( PLEASE TO BE REMEMBERING TO HIDE YOUR PERSONAL INFO!) to me through Twitter, or my facebook page along with the amount you donated.

Then I will…

If you donate $10 or less –> I’ll write a fansign with a doodle of Cosplay cat and post it on my social media accounts

If you donate $11 – $25  –> Include your mailing address and I’ll send you a geeky holiday card! (and Fansign)

If you donate $26 – $50  –> Include your mailing address and I’ll send you a geeky holiday card with a doodle inside! (and Fansign)

If you donate $51 – $100  –> I’ll film a short personalized video greeting with Cosplay Cat.

If you donate more than $100  –> I’ll film a short personalized video greeting with Cosplay Cat dressed up for the holidays.


If you donate more than $100  –> You can request a short s/flash fiction involving a character or two of your choice. $1 = 1 word. so $200 = 200 words, which I will not only email you, but record a reading of it live. Probably with cosplay cat.

…I may be tipsy to get through the blushing issue. Yes, you can combine to form a group to get this perk, but you need to include all the group donations into ONE message, including the character(s) of your choice.

 hard at workShe doesn’t suspect a thing…

Just the FAQ’s

Can I donate to another charity that’s not on your list?

Sure, BUT I will only be offering the perks above for donations to the above charities. I want to be sure that the money is going to a reputable organization, and I unfortunately don’t have time to research a bunch of different charities every day. Sorry 🙁

Why did you pick these charities?

Canadian Tire Jumpstart and President’s Choice Financial are two secular Canadian charities that rank in the top 50 charities of Canada. This is based on how efficient, transparent  and effective they are. I also chose them because EVERYONE is a child once, and we can all identify with being a kid.

I chose Global Fund For Women from a similar list of top ranked American charities. It was a bit difficult to find a secular charity that resonated with me, but I think that GFFW is a good fit. Many cosplayers are female, and there’s been a lot of discussion about harassment in geek culture recently. Unfortunately many women face harassment and abuse daily, and aren’t in a position to be able to escape it. Education, work training and more of the services offered by GFFW are aimed at helping women improve their lives.

Why Secular Charities?

I don’t believe that chosen faiths should influence the spirit of charity, nor limit it. I chose Secular (to the best of my ability) charities to ensure that people of all faiths or none can feel comfortable donating. Suffering doesn’t discriminate and neither should charity.

Do I have to like you/your page/your blog to donate?

Nope! You can donate and not send me confirmation if you don’t want any of the ‘thank you’ perks. You can even donate to your own charity of choice if you’d like. I just won’t be offering perks for those donations 🙂

Every little bit helps!

xox Calamity & Cosplay Cat