Got S/Flash Fiction? New Charity Card Drive Perk

Calamity's Charity Card Drive

Charity Card Drive update!

I’ve added an option to the biggest perk and edited the original Post:

If you donate more than $100 You can now choose if you want:

A) A short personalized video greeting with Cosplay Cat dressed up for the holidays.


B) A short s/flash fiction involving a character or two of your choice. $1 = 1 word. so $200 = 200 words, which I will not only email you, but record a reading of it live. Probably with cosplay cat.

…I may be tipsy to get through the blushing issue when I read it though.



Can I get a group to pool our Donations for this perk? (or any others?)

Yes, you can combine to form a group to get this perk, but you need to include all the group donations into ONE message, including the character(s) of your choice. Just be aware that only one perk is offered per grouped donations.

Don’t forget to vote in the new poll about which perk you’d be most interested in >>>>>>


xox Calamity