Better Work, B/Witch – 2015 Goals


Yes, I unabashedly like bad pop music. It helps keep me motivated and awake. *bobs along to the music*

We’ve hit that time of year folks. 2014 is almost over, (thank god) and 2015 is looming on the horizon like a dirt-smeared storm cloud. I can see the flashes of ‘oh GOD KATSUCON’ flicker in it’s eldritch depths, and am debating how much liquor I can drink to stave off panic, while remaining productive.

I’ve updated my Con Schedule which you can take a look at to see what I’m planning for 2015, but the TL;DR version is below.

January to February

  • Panic-make costumes for Katsucon:

March to June

  • Start on Otakuthingy 2.0!
  • One large new costume, one small new costume:

Colossal Con

Relax. Drink. Party. Enjoy sun and friends.

July to August

  • Hermit on Otakuthingy 2.0! (PANIC)
  • work on D*con stuff in meantime



Sept – December

  • Plan out 2016
  • NYCC fabric trip
  • Sleep.


All the sleep.