Good Idea, Bad Idea: Sewing

Good Idea Bad Idea

aka: “Learn from Calamity’s Mistakes”

Good Idea Bad Idea

remember these? if not, take a couple minutes

On Sewing…

Good Idea – Trying on your costume before you finish it.

Goat Dress

Make sure you can: sit, walk, breathe and go to the bathroom

Bad Idea – Waiting until the day of the con to put it on.

Bobsled wardrobe malfunction

Not me, but I’ve had something similar happen…

Good Idea – Making a mock-up or Muslin before using your good fabric. mockup hood

Oh Connor, I’ll come back to you one day. One day, with thinner fabric…

Bad Idea – Cutting into your $30/m silk right away

Scrapped Rolled Hems

yes, this is poly chiffon, not silk. Same rule applies.

Good Idea – Using a pattern for a complicated item.

Cutting pieces

Cats as weights for fabric are not advised.

Bad Idea – Guesstimating.

Bastet - Single Pattern Contest

Let’s just say there’s a reason there’s no pics of this costume up here…

Good Idea – Pinning slippery fabric down carefully.

Pinning Ruffles

Just remember that your fabric is FULL OF PINS. Do not grab a handful of it while sewing.

Bad Idea – Pins? Who needs pins?

Pucker up!


Good Idea – Choosing the right fabrics for your costume

Elsa stuffElsa, I’m coming for you <3 Chiffon, damask, shlub, taffeta

Bad Idea – Using drapery fabric that ‘should work ok’

BeetlebabeMothafuckin’ length-wise stretch ponte suit. Kill me now.

Good Idea – Custom dyeing your fabric

Dye the fabric

Remember natural fabrics dye best, but for polys iDye Poly works fine too!

Bad Idea – Spray dyeing your fabric in your kitchen with no socks on

smurf feetI left smurf-prints all over my apartment that day. FYI: Rubbing alcohol is the best thing to get dye off hardwood. Follow up with wood oil to prevent damage.

Good Idea – Researching and learning new techniques

Drape Drape BABY

Learning how to Drape, mofos!

Bad Idea – Trying new techniques while you’re on the way to the con

miraculous melting armor!Like sharpie-ing your leggings, and NOT SETTING THE DYE.

Got your own Good Idea/Bad ideas for sewing? Let me know in the comments!

xox Calamity

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