Katsu Lessons Learned Pt 1 of ??


Lesson 1 – Body Forms =/= Your Body

Having a body form is great, except when it doesn’t *completely* match your body. Case in point: I have a butt. My form has a gently rounded lump, and I’ve got… Butt.


This means that the slit which was high but not scandalous on the form, is now all “heeeeey I don’t really feel like doing that whole… ‘coverage’ thing we talked about.” Luckily I was able to add on enough fabric to the back part to cover any scandalousness, but I had to recut the fashion layer back piece. ;-;

Note to future self: add butt padding to form.

Lesson 2 – Pin holes don’t go away on faux leather

Not even on spandex faux leather. Especially on spandex faux leather, because when the fabric stretches, the hole will get bigger too. Instead of pinning I thought I was smart and used masking tape:

Mask it up

I was halfway smart, but I learned that painter’s tape would be better for this, because it’s less tacky. Which means when you pull the tape off, it’s not going to want to stick to the stretchy fabric in little pieces that take forever to get off. But it did make for nice sewings. Which brings us to…

Lesson 3 – Parchment Paper Please!

Faux leather doesn’t like non-walking feet of sewing machines. Or rather it likes them too much, sticking to the foot while you’re trying to guide the fabric through. This wasn’t a problem with the tape earlier, because the tape was between the fabric and the foot.

But(t). When I went to sew on the stripe to my sequined fashion fabric, I couldn’t use a lot of tape because it might pull off all the sequins. Which is, y’know, not good.

I tried sewing it slowly, careful to adjust the fabric to keep it from .

sequins make mistakes even more obvious than normal

Success…. was not in reach. The spandex was stretched, but the sequins did not. When I let go, the spandex buckled the sequined fabric. Also not good.

parchment to the rescue!

Parchment paper to the rescue! I didn’t need to pin it down, I just needed it to be between the foot and my fabric. It worked beautifully.



Look at this nice muthafuckin’ appliqué. It looks great right? WRONG. It’s on backwards because the reference I used to draw out the lines was flipped to the ACTUAL IN GAME MODEL. *sob* My dress matches the real art, but the appliqué? backwards. And you’ll notice that there’s lines on the left image that flow with the cut out, which means oh hey it’s going to be painfully noticeable if I leave it there.

I have to cut it off and do it again. And stitch rip the earlier buckled sleeve.

So much left to do ;-;

xox a grumpy Calamity