A Post I Didn’t Write But Wish I Had: Financial Undervaluing of Art.

Hiya folks,

Hopefully you’re all surviving the pre-Katsu panic, and dodging the hungry maw of the Gazebo. (And recovering from some other sporting thing that involved amazing dancing sharks.)

Shark-chan's first dance

Before I get on a tangent about how cool sharks are, Last week I included the option on my pole poll to request that I write on the ‘issue’ of photographers charging for shoots. And not, like 20$, but significant amounts for what would ultimately be 2-4 photos.

It’s a conversation I’ve engaged in on twitter, and also with Vickybunnyangel when she was up at GAnime. I had a great plan to talk about both sides, and what really goes into a photo, etc etc.

Then I saw JL7 Photography share an article on the very subject of compensation and expectations of cosplay photography.

SHARKS - photos y JL7 Photography

She took these! <3 Black tip reef baby in the background.

I read the article because I was a) curious on the author’s take, and b)wanted to see if hey had covered the main points I wanted to or if I could use it to write a counterpoint article. Turns out this article is pretty much the one I wanted to write, only with a more serious approach and less cats and sharks (their loss 🙁 ). So! instead of re-writing it, I just have to post a link:

What’s In a Photo? – The Financial Undervaluing of Art

What’s in a Photo? – The Financial Undervaluing of Art at whoamicosplay.com

*wipes brow* man, that was so much easier than the last posts I’ve written. (All three of the business posts were close to 2000 words. That’s like, a full short story!…*looks at pile of fiction that needs to be finished* er. Moving on)

I came down with the stomach flu last week, and basically slept all weekend. (yay…) so I’ll be workshopping pretty hard on my Katsu stuff. As a result, long form posts will be on hold, but I’ll be updating with progress photos, inspiration links, and Cosplay cat pics as I go.

Which is basically the whole reason I have readers, so I’m sure you folks won’t be too upset XD.

Best of luck with your projects!

xox Calamity