Katsu Krunch – 7 Days (aka Cosplay Cat post)

Photo by Elemental Sight

Hey folks. It is not actually 7 days until Katsu, but it is 7 days I have available to work on costumes because Melting Mirror and I fly out Thursday. (I think. OH GOD. I HAVE LOST ALL REFERENCE OF TIME).

cat sewing

We’re working as fast as we can. Which is slower than if I were working alone, but… purrs.

As usual there’s some CON-plications. (OHOHOHOH. Shut up. I’m funny)

1. Cosplay Cat has to go to the vet tonight due to a nasty little rash she’s got goin’ on. It’s small though, I caught it early because we sleep like this:

Bitch I woke up like this

Bitch, I woke up like this

She doesn’t seem too bothered. She’s still running around telling me what to do, and preening like the Egyptian goddess she thinks she is:



2. I have to work on the weekend, which means I’ll be sitting in my office frantically sewing on appliques and details by hand.

I’m super motivated to get my costumes done though, and being part of groups that are posting their progress on the respective facebook groups helps staying on track. Also, I’m SUPER nosy so I get to creep on their progress and then fangirl in the privacy of my own home.

How’s your Katsu Krunch (or other Con of choice) coming along?

xox Calamity & Cat