Katsu Krunch: TWO DAYS. FAAAACK. (Mega Progress Post)

NoFlutter Pluto

Sailor Pluto by NoFlutter

Where I’m at

  • Skirts draped, stitched
  • underbust Corset cut
  • overbust stitched, boned, lined. Requires eyelets, fashion layer
  • wig straightened
  • Tiara(s) made
    • Moon
    • Mercury
    • Saturn
    • Pluto
    • Neptune
    • Mars (halfway)
  • panniers complete
  • boots complete

What’s left

  • Bolero
    • Sleeves!
    • Collar
  • Choker
  • Bows
  • Gloves
  • Flowers
  • Waistbands of skirts
  • Underbust corset
    • Fashion layer bias tape
    • Boning
    • eyelets
    • buttons and chain details
    • keychain

What’s getting cut

Garnet rod :((((( RIP.

any kind of tan -_-

(important note: I am not going to use makeup beyond contouring to change my skin colour. I don’t believe that’s right in the context of my ethnicity and the societal history of ‘blackface’ in north America. I just wanted a Calamity-shade tan so that I wouldn’t be OMG SUPER PASTY WHITE. I chose this character because I loved the design, and the dark awesomeness of Pluto)

Aion Chain


Where I’m at

  • Dress sheath and lining complete
  • Collar on
  • Sleeves on
  • Raichu tail sewn
  • stripe details sewn on
  • back applique on

What’s left

  • Fix the way the lining sits
  • stitch on appliques
  • stitch shoulder pads
  • make brooches
  • make feathers
  • detangle wig
  • attach chains

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