Katsu Krunch – 1 Day (10 Things Learned Last Night)

Hello friends. Katsu is rapidly approaching, and work is being lovely and timing the ‘things are breaking a lot so I need to work overtime’ to coincide with ‘oh hey I really want an extra day off to sew’. Ahaha…haha…ah… *twitches uncontrollably, clutching her teamug*

So, due to this, I’ve been staying up later to try to get everything done for Katsu. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate all-nighters and love sleep. I am a champion sleeper. I can sleep in almost any bed, anywhere, given the opportunity. I also get super grumpy without the required amount of sleep. So, use that information wisely. (When in doubt: no, it is not that time of the month, it is that time of day where my sleep to bullshit ratio is way too low to deal with your shit.)

Frazzled Calamity

Oh hey, my FucksToGive count is now at 0. Please offer tea to appease me.

ANYHOW. I sacrificed my preciousssss sleep in order to work on Pluto, and last night, while I was sewing away and checking my work cell every time I heard anything beep, I learned 10 things that I thought I’d share:

1. Always double check the right and wrong sides of your fabric

Or you’ll end up with the sheen side of our sateen facing into the corset. not a big deal if you have enough to re-cut and just use the messed up version as your lining.

1. A) double check which is the lining layer and which is the fashion layer

Or you’ll use the good layer as your lining and won’t realise until you go to put on the fashion layer at 1 in the morning. Luckily both my lining and fashion layer were cotton sateen, but still.

2. Satin does not bias tape. It will bias, but it will not tape.

And by tape I mean hold a press. it will, however look wonderful with a very, very careful top stitch.

Also, making bias tape is a wonderful and liberating experience.

3. It is possible to pin fabric to your hand and not notice

surprise~! When you move your hand the corset goes with it. No, it didn’t hurt. Leftover calluses from my pole days maybe?


To be fair, I had ample opportunity to do it.

4. Boning in skirts is a great idea when they’re floppy

HURHURHUR. I regress to being 12 when I’m tired.


Look at that skirt’s red edge being all floppy and shit. Bending over despite the pleats and tacking those pleats down. It was really bothering me, so I had a bit of extra plastic boning (hurhurhur) and shoved it into the tube (hurhurhur) made by the red bias tape.


Much better.

5. I have linebacker shoulders. Bolero #1 forgot to take this into account.

6. Grossgrain ribbon makes a wonderful boning channel

especially when you have it at hand, and no more twill tape left.


7. Coutil might just be the best thing ever…

Seriously. So nice. So firm.


That’s without boning. Shushuwafflez was right when she said that the corset isn’t made by the boning, but the shape of the fabric. Speaking of boning…

8. LABEL the fucking BONES.

no picture required.

9. Research ahead of time saves forever.

Intra. Seam. Boning. Channels. Motherfuckahs. Google it. It’s faster, and it’s completely hidden with a fashion and a lining layer.

10. Anchorage Alaska has a samoan and LA gang problem


(I watch documentaries while cos-working)

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