Con Chronicle: KATSUUUUUUU~~~~~

Sailor Scouts

*flops in through the frozen wastes of Canada, landing face-first into a pile of work emails and scrap fabric that I really need to clean up.*


dig dig dig

*Throws up hands in exhausted victory*

GAIZ I DID IT. I MADE IT TO KATSUCON. (And back. Though that was less exciting) I’ll summarize things pretty quickly because so much of the con was awesome and I got to hang out with my lovely cosplay ladies who I ALREADY MISS, (;-; ILU everyone!) that my recap would take as long to read as my business posts combined.

Pluto Prism Power, MAKE UP!

I didn’t sleep Wednesday, in my mad dash to finish my NoFlutter Pluto. Even then I ended up having to hand-sew the sleeves onto my bolero, and add the bows. Big thank you to Sabrina and Melting Mirror who helped me with final touches so I could be ready for our big group on Friday.

Defeating Beryl, photo by Octography

L-R: Shushuwafflez as Saturn, Nomadic-Goldfish as Neptune, Me as Pluto, Ellysetta Rain as Serenity, Angelica Cosplay as Moon, Jayuna as Chibi Moon, Jelly as Venus, Elemental Sight as Mercury, Vickybunnyangel as Mars, and Melting Mirror as Queen Beryl (her original design).

Canadian Cosplay represent!

They Ded. (photo by Octography)

My friends are so pretty and awesome and talented. In fact, they’re pretty awesomely talented! Oh and look at all those pretty tiaras! (I made them. Except Beryl’s.)

After a successful shoot and successful dinner, (I tried oysters and they were delicious!) I crashed hard for the night. As a result I didn’t get my Aion dress complete in time for the group shoot, and decided I’d wander and enjoy the con. I also spent a lot of time with Shushu, Nomadic-Goldfish and Angelica, which is awesome since they all live so far away. Canada’s big, yo.

The Con Floor

So, so pretty.

Not only was there the infamous Gazebo, but there was also a creek and fountains. Trees and little villagey houses. All INSIDE. which was nice. Although the DC weather was significantly warmer than home (hahaha… -36C today… *sob*) the wind was pretty vicious and only the brave and drunk cosplayers spent a lot of time outside.

I also helped with Nomadic-Goldfish’s wonderful fluffy dress.

Katniss Wedding Dress

So much ruffles. So much work!

Sunday I hung around in Pluto again for a shoot, and snagged an extra one with the best furry cosplayer I’ve ever seen!


BunBun was really popular with the senshi of Katsu:

Bunbun and the sailor scouts

Not pictured: posing. Natural reactions to bunny was: Squee, grin, pats.
(PS if you know who these ladies are, let me know in the comments so I can tag them! thanks!)

There was much love for the courageous little bun <3

Eventually, it was time to leave. After a dinner with Kudrel, Mirror and I headed out to the airport and everything went smoothly until we got home we ran into the worst ticketing agent I’ve ever seen. I travel a fair bit. I’ve been to huge airports and tiny ones. I have yet to see a ticket agent fuck up so bad as this one did.

  • She checked someone else in as Melting Mirror
  • Instead of answering any of our valid questions like “How did that happen?!” or “Were there other [Mirror-Last-Name]’s on the flight list?” and “What do you mean someone has already checked in with that name?” she just kept mumbling ‘this is so weird’ and looked about ready to cry.
  • Her solution was to: call for the other individual to be checked by security, resolve the confusion and potential fraud and issue Mirror her correct ticket. The correct ticket… being THE SAME TICKET as she’d given the other woman. Same seat. Same ID. No instructions on how to go about fixing this.
  • Luckily Mirror found her doppelganger, who didn’t have a given name that was even CLOSE to hers, and they sorted out the issue with a more competent employee at the gate. Everyone got on the plane, though I don’t know what would have happened if the other woman hadn’t been so willing to sort things out.

The flight itself was smooth, although we ended up waiting for a crew to deplane. During which time the guy across the aisle from me decided to check his Grindr messages.


Don’t do that in public guys. I’m all for seeing the torso of sexy shirtless men, but it’s a little weird when you’re checking those snaps in public. In a dark plane. Where people can also see. Just a bit of advice.

frozen doors

Then, ahhh home sweet home, where the sliding doors freeze open. <3 You will also notice the yellow shovel on the far right. Canadian code dictates that you do not steal someone’s snow shovel. Ever.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. I ate good food, enjoyed the company of my friends, made new ones, got amazing compliments on my costume, and got to see beautiful works of costuming left right and centre.

I wanna go back ;-;

oxo Calamity