Stay Tuned!

photograph by BoldDaniel

Alright, the masses have spoken and the next major series of posts will be on…


Cosplay Photography!

The first in this series won’t be ready until sometime next week, because I want to do some interviews with Photographers so that I’m not just talking from my own experiences.

I’m going to try to do one major series of posts a month, and if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments!

March – Con Photography: when you’re not famous or a size 2

  • The Cosfamous-Only Lie: How to get photos of your cosplay
  • Work it gurl (or Gender of choice)! Photography Etiquette and warning signs
  • Sittin’ Pretty: Getting pictures that you’re happy with

April – Shape-Shifting: cheating on Nature

  • Bewbs: Need ’em? Make ’em! Have ’em? Hide ’em! Love ’em? Share ’em!
  • Con-Structing your cosplay: Foundation garments, hiding cheats and more
  • Dwarves and Giants: Height issues and body proportions.

May – Patterns

How to read them, how to modify them and how to draft some of your own


Hope you enjoy what’s coming up this Sp- Spri-

*looks outside at snow and starts sobbing*

xox Calamity