Post-Con Review- Ottawa Comic Con


Morning was really hard today, with Cosplay Cat a-purring and me suffering from post-Con withdrawl. And what a Con it was! I remember last year, sitting with Melting mirror on a corner of floor and lamenting how old we are and that we probably wouldn’t come back for a full weekend ‘next year’.

We Lied. We’re liars.

We went back this year and were much more active with the con.

scarlet witch jacket

I even added another last minute costume that I reallallalalalyyy want to do a shoot with once I get my wig in.

I’m glad I did. My body isn’t really glad, because it’s yelling at me to go back to sleep, but working the cosplay lounge and running two successful panels with Niq Cosplay, Messy Mia & Melting Mirror was wonderful! We talked about Canadian Cosplay on Friday, and we had a full house for our Thermoplastics panel on Sunday.

Not to mention the biggest perk of this con…

co-hosting with Lexy, while Dex Morgan poses

Dex Morgan (Left) won best in Class: Artisan. Lexy and I are in awe.

I got the chance to be a Co-Host for the Masquerade with Lexy. I didnt’ trip and faceplant on stage so I’m going to count this as a success! I’d been wanting to try hosting a masq for a while, but I didn’t think that I’d start off with the SIZEof crowd we had. There were many-lots of people.

Trial by fire, right? The Danaerys-es of the masquerade would be proud. Probably.

I also managed to squeeze a shoot in with Lexa One Photographie of my Weiss on Sunday. We braved the light rain, froggies, swampy ground and the potential of snakes to get some photos that I’m really excited about. My Weiss boots are ruined, but I… didn’t really like them anyways. I’ll probably rip off the covers, clean the base shoes and re-do them properly.

Grass in water by Horia Varlan

This is how dedicated I am to my Craft. Mud, snakes and rain, folks.
(stock photo by Horia Varlan)

I’ll try to find some more photos of the awesome costumes later this week. But right now I cannot into the Thinking. With Werds.


oxoxzzzzz Calamity