Between overtime at work, needing to sleep and working on cosplays, I haven’t had a whole lot of time for blog updates. I’ll work on improving that between AN and Colossal. Here’s a quick update of what I’ll be doing this summer:

Anime North 2015

Anime North


Judging the Worksmanship Competition from 5pm. Then Sleep.

Wearing: Unnnnnndecided. Maybe Inquisitor, maybe Goat? MAYBE SOMETHING ELSE. WHAT ARE YOU? THE COSPLAY POLICE?

*ahem* Stress levels are high. Sorry.


Doing: Judging the Masquerade (Worksmanship) from….4pm?.

Wearing: The Inquisitor’s ugly pyjamas


Doing: Wandering aimlessly until the Award Ceremony.

Wearing: Clothing. Probably.

Colossal Con

Planned Costumes

  • No Flutter’s Little Mermaid (above)
  • Adelitas Twins With Kurumasha
  • Poison Ivy

Planned Activities

  • Ride water slides
  • Play volleyball badly
  • lounge
  • Actually attend the parties this year

Montreal Comic Con

Planned Costumes

Regency Elsa by Shoomlah

  • Elsa – Historically Accurate Princesses by Shoomlah
  • Pocahontas

Planned Activities

  • Entering the Masquerade
  • Panicking over WCS Canada
  • Sewing WCS Canada Costume in the hotel room, panel rooms and in the green room


Planned Costumes


  • Otakuthingy 2015
  • normal people clothing
  • No Flutter Pluto

Planned Activities


WCS 2014

Photos by Eleventh Photograph, mashed together by me

…. …. … ?

Sleep? Cabin Fever? Something else?

Best of luck in Con Season! <3

Xox Calamity