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It’s time to make a change.

First let me say that I am absolutely going to continue this blog, the last few months I’ve been dealing with health issues that just haven’t left me with much energy after day-to-day survival activities.

After months away, I’ve come back to the blog with some new ideas about how to keep it fresh and how to provide content to my readers (hahaha if I still have some!) that is interesting and not readily available elsewhere. Because while I could probably talk endlessly about how to get started in cosplay, there’s dozens if not hundreds of tutorials out there these days on how to get started. I’m happy to answer specific questions, but there’s so much more about cosplay that we aren’t talking about.

Science Cat

So basically here’s what I’ll be starting to write about in the near future:

  • Cosplay Culture
    • What’s trending in cosplay
    • Cosplay/costuming history
    • Current issues and events in the community
    • Examining outside influences and how cosplay influences other communities
    • Ethics in cosplay
  • Cosplay Life Hacks
    • Construction related
    • Convention related
    • etc
  • Cosplay Style
    • Closet cosplays
    • Designing your own costume(s)
    • Day to Day Cosplays
  • Geek Fashion
    • Beyond the ThinkGeek tees and tardis dresses
  • Crafting beyond costumes
    • use the skills learned in cosplay for making other awesome shit
  • Cool shit I want to talk about
    • Probably technology based stuff
  • Cats
    • because cats

So since December’s a new month, I’ll be starting with the new line of content this week!

I hope you’ll all enjoy what I’ve got planned, I feel like this will be a good change for the blog and it’s writer.

xox Calamity

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