2006-2016: Ho. Lee. Sh*t.

Happy 10 year anniversary Cosplay!


You might not remember me, all skinny, gangly and pale as fuck. (Okay you’ll remember the pale bit, I’m still pale).

It’s been ten years since I first made a costume for a con, heading off to Anime North with Melting Mirror in 2005. We don’t talk about that one though, so let’s talk about 2006’s because I have a photo of that one.

2006 - Before the Hiatus. Lineage 2 Mage

Dat crushed velvet doe. Photo by Melting Mirror, Anime North 2006

Things were simpler back then. AN still had grass that wasn’t trampled dry. Makeup wasn’t really a thing. No one really photoshopped pictures and paid photos were not on the radar at all. Neither were wigs of any quality during the year, unless you ordered or went shopping at a drag store. Worbla? What was that? That didn’t exist.

This was my first time sewing since high school, and the pants were really just weird tentacle things. I didn’t know as much about sewing, but I made a onesie, top and pants while watching Firefly on the dvd set my friend lent me.

Melting Mirror was about to compete for the first time with her Fran, I couldn’t even consider going on stage to get judged.

Also I loved those shoes, they were so cute. I miss them.

So where am I 10 years later?

Photo by LexaOne Photographie

Still lying on the ground, apparently. Photo by LexaOne “Check for Needles first” Photographie, Montreal Comic Con 2015

I’m a Master tier cosplayer in ICG standards, have been running a blog for the last three years on cosplay culture and how to, made over ten costumes in the last three years alone, progressed from working with patterns to learning to draft my own. I’ve met and made friends with cosplayers and photographers all over North America, including people whose work just blows me away.

I’m no longer super skinny or nervous about going on stage, and my health is still an issue. But.

Looking back I’ve accomplished so much that if you’d told me what I’d be doing in ten years to the girl in the first picture, I’d probably have laughed and told you no one would ever read my blog. Why would they? Let alone having multiple posts go viral, hosting and judging large masquerades, or travelling to cities like Atlanta or Washington DC for conventions.

So, if you’re just starting out, or you’re in a hiatus of your costuming career… don’t let it get you down.

Find the stuff you enjoy and do it.

Talk to people, make friends.

Share tips with others.

Ask for advice from your Senpais.

Set goals for yourself, because even if it takes longer than expected to reach them, you’re still improving.

And above all, Have Fun.

I hope you all have a wonderful and productive 2016, whether its your first year cosplaying or your 30th!

xoxox Calamity




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