The Triangle of DOOM!

How is January almost over?! Jeebus. Well I hope the Katsu-crunch isn’t hurting too many people! I’ll be crafting alongside you all, just at a more relaxed pace, and I empathize with your panics.

Okay but really. Back to the Triangle of DOOM. (Why are doom shapes always triangles? Bermuda triangle, arrow heads, trigonometry… Triangles really are evil!) Normally called the Golden triangle, the Triangle Of DOOM is a diagram composed of: Fast, Cheap, Good; pick two.

But since cosplay is NEVER cheap, I’ve modified it a bit:

 The ‘Golden Triangle’ of DOOM



Feel free to replace ‘On Time’ with ‘Sleep’, it’s basically the same thing.

There’s nothing wrong with Aiming for the Stars

I’ve been known to indulge in fancy myself here and there. I mean, those gorgeous ruffles, the lines, those fiddly chains! You know what makes an awesome costume even awesomer? Doing it in a group! which means deadlines! AND COMPETING WITH IT. That’s a recipe for madness if there ever was one.

Who wouldn’t want to talk themselves into believing that they can do it all ‘this time’?

Fancy + Good = All Nighter, sewing in Hotel, Not done?

When I boarded the plane to Katsucon 2015, pluto’s Bolero was only in pieces, with the collar sewn onto the vest, but the sleeves were still flat, no band. Not only that! I didn’t have gloves yet, or the buttons on the corset, or the keys on the chain from the corset! So in the photos from Katsu, the bolero is completely hand stitched together, and so are the buttons and keys… and gloves… many thanks to my lovely roommates who helped <3

Photo by Lexa One Photographie

Fancy + On Time = Embarrassing Quality

Even if I sacrifice quality for the sake of time, there’s no guarantee I’ll get it all completed on time. This is probably my LEAST favourite thing to do to myself, because I hate wearing something that I know is shoddy, especially when its for a competition. When I don’t feel comfortable in a costume, it shows. After the last big crunch for time, I decided that was it, no more. Big fluffy costumes will have goals, not deadlines.

Wcs 2015, photo by *CRIIIINNNNGE* so much to fix on this.

Good(Quality) + On Time = Not fancy at all!

Since my current Simple-but-well-made Costume isn’t actually done... I figured I’d share the last one I made: Beej. I bought the corset, the wig is a mutilated Inigo from arda that requires some shaking out and hairspray before I put it on, and the suit fits like a dream.

Without extra bells and whistles I could focus on making the pants fit comfortably, and the jacket tailored to suit my waist and shoulders. It’s probably (corset aside) most comfortable costume to wear.


How does one go about picking which two points of the Triangle to focus on? I’m Glad you asked!

How to Pick which two points of the Triangle of DOOM to focus on:



Hope that helps keep you all sane over the coming con crunch! Tag me on Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook so I can see what you’re all making!