A selection of Cospoems

photograph by BoldDaniel

Sew, sew, sew your coat
Gently down the seam,
Catch a pin and snap the thread,
‘Fuck, I’m going to scream!’.

‘Sew, sew, sew your coat’, a cospoem by Calamity

These blind hems. Fuck blind hems.
To see no thread. Wish I was dead.
While I’ve sewn a dozen in my life,
Each time that I do it’s full of strife,
Do you know where I last put my seam-ripping knife?
Cuz fuck blind hems.

‘These Blind Hems’, a cospoem by Calamity

Harried Mary, making her fairy,
How comes your cosplay, sewn?
‘With staining gels and resin’s smells,
and caffeine since I don’t have a clone’.

‘Harried Mary, making her fairy’, a cospoem by Calamity