The Great Cosplay Questionnaire

So you might have heard that Canada is full of nerds. If you haven’t, our fine (and currently also on fire) nation collectively geeked out over the census and crashed the site multiple times.

We’re dorks. And because I am about as Canadian as you can get I was like OH DAMN I SHOULD MAKE A COSPLAY CENSUS CUZ DAT DATA.

Seriously. I’m curious. Who actually IS cosplaying? Are we educated? Where do we live? What jobs do we work and how does that affect how we cosplay? So I wrote up a questionnaire at lunch one day at work.

And as incentive, I’ll be drawing from the respondents for THREE prize packs of a $30 USD (or $40 CDN) gift certificate to Arda Wigs ANNNNND one of the Cosplay by McCalls patterns that are otherwise only sold on their website. Want another way to enter the draw? Share the questionnaire’s link on your social media and drop me a screenshot (or link!) my way on my facebook page.

Want a THIRD way to enter the draw? Donate 5$ or more to the Canadian Red Cross and let me know with a screenshot just like you would with the share.

All responses will be kept confidential, and emails will be deleted once the draws have completed.

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