Schedule: Ottawa Comic Con!

(photo of Weiss taken at Ottawa Comic Con 2015 by Lexa One Photographie)

May 13-15th, 2016 at the Ernst and Young Centre

Ottawa Comic Con



10:00 am – Cosplay Lounge

Come say hi! Fill out the Cosplay Questionnaire!

(bring caffeine o_o)

11:30 am – Cosplay Troubleshooting Panel

Meeting Room A with Melting Mirror, Dex Cosplay and others!


Have you hit a snag working on a costume or you don’t even know where to start?  A panel of experienced cosplayers are ready to answer all of your cosplay related questions.

7:30 pm – Masquerade

Hall 1

photo by Narcissus Photography

Don’t miss out on Saturday’s BIG event: the masquerade is the place to show off your talents in costume making. Whether they come from the world of comics, of Japanese anime or video games, this amateur costume competition puts your favourite heroes in the spotlight; you can view unique and amazing costume creations. Go on stage and show off your creations (and maybe fight some ninjas!), or come and encourage the contestants! It’s not just posing on stage, but a spectacle filled with awe, allure, action, artistry, astonishment, and maybe a song and dance too.




11:00 am – AWOL

Making faces at a camera! (photoshoot booked)

12:00 pm – The Basics of Worbla & Cosplay Thermoplastics Panel

in Meeting Room A with Melting Mirror, Miss Messy Mia and others!


Learn the basics about the material that has revolutionized armour making in the cosplay world.

1:00 pm -AWOL

Making faces at a camera! (photoshoot booked)

3:00 pm – Cosplay Lounge

Come say hi!

4:00 pm – Masquerade Awards

Come cheer on the wonderful entrants and see them get all shy and flustered when they win awards!


Can’t wait to see you there!

oxo Calamity