Sew Along #2 Announcement


While I won’t be able to start this sew along for at least a couple weeks, I figure I’d share it now because Hype Trains are sort of E3’s thing and this is related to E3?


Emily Kaldwin of Dishonoured 2

Isn’t her coat awesome? (That’s a rhetorical question, it’s awesome) She’s awesome.

Know what else is awesome? McCalls’s new Notched pattern for men’s greatcoats will work really well for creating the masculine lines of the shoulders back and notched lapels. So that’s what we’ll be using and modifying.


<3 awh yiss shitty MSPaint drawings.

But hopefully the lines in red will help explain what I mean. A lot of the seams we’ll need to use are already there so we just need to exaggerate them. We’ll also be able to use the coat pattern to make the vest that goes under the coat:


Looking forwards to sewing with everyone soon.

xox Calamity