CosNews: Happy Solstice!

It is officially summer up here in the northern Hemisphere and also a full moon which is pretty cool. Oh, and there’s cosplay related stuff going on.


Simplicity has new licensed patterns out that include DC BOMBSHELLS! (Only the three pictured above though)

  • But simplicity still isn’t carried by Fabricland for us Canadian folks
  • And their website is still a pain in the butt to use. For some reason their menus are both over and under responsive to my mouse?

Adafruit has an amazing selection of tech toys to help out your cosplay if you want to start entering the world of LEDs and programmable stuff.

The tutorial for how to make this chameleon light-up scarf can be found on



  • uhhh
    • oh shit I didn’t have anything prepared for this.
  • Things I want to write about:
    • Tech in cosplays
    • Sew along once I have my materials <3
    • Facebook Likes, Twitter followers and social media in cosplay
    • Fiscal responsibility and cosplay
    • Crowd funding in cosplay
    • Design guidelines to keep in mind while designing your own costume

I’ve been tossing around the idea of prints, merch, and the like but I’m not sure if that’s something my readers would be interested? Let me know oh my page or in the comments below.



I took this week off from cosmaking because I needed a break. I’ll be getting back into it soon though, as Con season part 2 looms with Montreal Comic Con, Otakuthon and then a trip out west with friends.

  • Black Canary – 95% complete
  • Jane – 70% complete
  • Inquisitor – 98% complete
  • NEXT BIG PROJECT: Emily Kaldwin’s sew along



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