CosNews: Extra Edition!

Oh, I’m doing dumb little comics too over at I Should be Sewing now.

Hello All, it looks like CosNews is going to become a weekly thing. HAHA so much for never being a journalist or reporter again. Granted I’m just aggregating information and news rather than like, writing articles, but no. Wait. I write stuff too.

DAMN YOU ghost of degrees past. Will you never leave me be!? apparently not.

Anyhoo, the more astute of you readers will notice that it’s not been a full week since the last CosNews Post but HOO BOY has the world ever been busy.




Photo/Project by Last Minute Man’s Kitchen via

Reasons why it’s not ‘just wonderflex’:

  • Complex fuckin’ Curves
  • Blendable
  • less glue residue

Cosplay by McCall’s patterns are currently 30% off! If you’ve wanted to get your hands on a pattern, now’d be the time to order, since the sale only lasts until Sunday the 26th. is a great resource if you’re not sure about a certain pattern, if it’d be worth it to buy or if you’d be better off without.

Kamui’s Advanced Painting book is out! I wasn’t sold (pun intended) on her beginning painting techniques but that was mostly personal preference. However I am tempted by this one, especially to learn how she and Benni got those wonderful rusty metal effects on her Fallout 4 cosplay.

Cons, Contests and Cool Events


Image provided by Twitch

TwitchCon 2016 (Sept 30 – Oct 2) Has announced the cosplay contest to end all cosplay contests. Well, not literally end but holy crap. I know I’ll be participating for sure. A quick rundown of the contest, though I highly recommend reading the full list of rules.

  • $63,000 in prizes
  • Top 20 finalists get cash to travel to TwitchCon to compete in finals, judged by Yaya Han, Commander Holly, GiantWaffle and more.
  • Enter by streaming progress of building your costume on Twitch and logging it.


DreamHack Canada (Aug 12 – 14) is in Montreal! Not only is DreamHack just really exciting but also that they’re having a contest of their own:

  • Total $2000 prize pool
  • $1250 to the top winner, $500 and $250 to second and third respectively


World News

Brexit. Will likely impact European travel for cons, shipping, economy. Life as we know it.

Canada Post Strike Looming July 1st. Order things now or be prepared to wait.

Okay, I think that’s it for now, I know I’m forgetting something but I’ll just add it to Monday’s news.

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