CosNews: June 27/16

Blog News

I’ll be starting up Sew Along #2 with the first post next Monday (July 4th) where I’ll be making Emily Kaldwin’s coat using Notched, a Cosplay by McCall’s pattern. Here’s a preview of the sew along weeks:


note: not my sewing, this coat is a promo for Dishonored 2

  1.  Prep and Maths
  2.  Muslin #1: Oh God its all wrong. ALL OF IT.
  3.  Rinse, repeat #2. Less wrong. Okay. Breathe.
  4. Applique yourself better
  5. Sew, Sew, Sew your coat,
  6. Combine All The Things
  7. Finishing touches + Level Ups

I’m also working on a few posts in between about…

  • Crowd Funding and Cosplay
  • Patterns for Popular Cosplays
  • 5 Closet Cosplays


Holy Crap did you see the Game of Thrones Finale? Cersei’s dress omg. (No spoilers, this is like the opening shot)

image by HBO

Calamity gets Twitchy

While I haven’t solidified my Streaming Schedule yet, but my first ‘Official’ stream will be Wednesday June 29th where I’ll be working on drafting out patterns for my TwitchCon/CostumeCon costume… The Fallen Knight Armor from Dark Souls 3