CosNews: July 12/16

image courtesy of Harebrained Studios

Blog News

I’ll be starting up Sew Along #2 with the first post soon! I promise, for real.  I even have some progress photos.

Why has this been put on hold? Oh, well. See, Canada’s Postal Service was in mid-maybe-strike for a while. Which you know, sucks if you ordered fabric that you need for your sew along, and went with a courier to a postal box in the states and then lost your driver’s license (as in physically lost) for a week.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Luckily I’ve found it and should be okay to continue on. First post expected to be this Thursday morning (EST)


note: not my sewing, this coat is a promo for Dishonored 2

  1.  Prep and Maths – mostly complete
  2.  Muslin #1: Oh God its all wrong. ALL OF IT.
  3.  Rinse, repeat #2. Less wrong. Okay. Breathe.
  4. Applique yourself better
  5. Sew, Sew, Sew your coat, gently down the seam
  6. Combine All The Things
  7. Finishing touches + Level Ups

Proper News

Speaking of the Postal Strike…

It looks like they’re going to work everything out with no lockout or strike. All that stress for nothing.

Indie-inspiration of the week

Necropolis is a low-poly but gorgeous looking game that seems to be a cross between Journey style aesthetics and Darksouls. But with co-op.  Basically ‘go to dungeons and die with friends’ which is basically RIGHT THE FUCK UP my alley.


gif from

Also, look how friggen adorable these dudes are. I saw it and immediately went ‘I need to play/make this’ especially as a simple EL wire/LED project, this would be perfect.

It comes out TODAY on Steam, Xbone and PS4.

Calamity gets Twitchy

First attempt at streaming didn’t go so well, though Cat certainly enjoyed being in front of the camera. I’m still adjusting settings so that the lag isn’t so bad, but I haven’t solved the problem just yet.

Updates to follow with information as I go.