CosNews: July 26 (PokeCosplay Guide Edition)

image courtesy of Niantic Inc

Proper News

Team Leaders Fever

  • The Pokemon GO team leaders designs were revealed and they’re pretty amazing. The internet has responded accordingly
    • #TeamHotChick for lyfe.
    • Seriously I want to make Candela’s jacket <3
    • confession: I totally ship Candelanche…Blandela?
      • What’s the ship name? IS IT TOO NEW TO HAVE A NAME?
      • I’m naming it a song of Fire and Ice-water

Want to make one of the Leader’s outfits? Check out the patterns below for a good starting point:


While I’m not a fan of Burda’s instructions (at least the english ones, I hope they’re more clear in German!) this jacket [6661] is a perfect starting point for Candela, not to mention the pattern number is 666…1? fire? IT’S MEANT TO BE. If you want to make the mini skirt/dress to go under the coat (which lets be honest would be important to prevent flashing people, take a look at Burda’s sheath dress [6988].

Suggested Modifications

  • Drop the hem to upper thigh
  • Enlarge collar
  • Drop the lapel top to angle it more steeply towards the middle button
  • Don’t add the unnecessary buttons on the jacket
  • raise the hem of the skirt to an inch and a half or so below the jacket.


McCall’s Men’s three piece pattern [M7003] is perfect for Blanche because not only does it have a single breasted men’s coat with a lapel that would be easily modifiable to hang open, BUT it comes with the vest pattern too. Feel like making the undersuit? Yaya’s Bodysuit pattern [M7217]. Bam. The body suit also comes in plus size and men’s to suit your Non-Binary Blanche needs.

Suggested Modifications

  • Flare the base of the jacket out and dart the waist
  • Cut off lapel on vest and emphasize the inverted ‘v’ at the waist
  • Use skirt hook and eyes for the vest so the closure is hidden
  • Add a belt


Spark’s a bit different because we need two different patterns. I tried looking for a motorcycle jacket style for men’s patterns but apparently men’s clothes are limited to vests and suits or pyjamas when it comes to regular clothing patterns? Anyways! we are able to find a hoodie pattern from McCall’s [M6614] (which comes with a pullover variation) and we can use the Yaya Han coat pattern [M7374] for the jacket.

Suggested Modifications

  • Use the pullover variation of the hoodie
  • Cut hem of coat to sit at hip bones
  • Reduce lapel size on coat
  • Quote Memes

Blog News

Sew Along #2: Kaldwin Coat

  1. Prep and Planning
  2.  Muslin #1: Oh God its all wrong. ALL OF IT.
  3.  Rinse, repeat #2. Less wrong. Okay. Breathe. [in progress]
  4. Applique yourself better
  5. Sew, Sew, Sew your coat, gently down the seam
  6. Combine All The Things
  7. Finishing touches + Level Ups

Hope this guide helps! If you make any Pokemon Go cosplays drop a link in the comments, I wanna see! <3

oxox Calamity