Kaldwin Coat Sew-A-Long part 4, live!

Two items of interest today:

  1. Part 4 of the Kaldwin/Notched Coat Sew-A-Long is now live for your reading pleasure. In it I walk through how to do the squiggley applique bits that are on her lapels and somehow survived with most of my sanity intact.


2. As per the image above of Cat-sat-Cat who is sitting on my Kaldwin fabric, if cats are too fluffy and shit into their own fur then don’t let me cut it out, they get a haircut. LET THIS BE A WARNING, KITTIES.

A. (He actually really likes his haircut and is an exhibitionist.) No animal cruelty here, though there is definitely a lot of shocked laughter any time anyone sees him for the first time.

B. Owner is okay with this. Mostly.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,

xox Calamity