Part 5 of Kaldwin’s Coat Sew-A-Long is live!

In which I absolutely use far too many puns because ILU EVABEE <3 She gave me this glowing review earlier this week:

“I can’t

Why do I read your blog I hate puns


– Evabee, dedicated reader, winning people over with Puns through Stockholm Syndrome since 2012!

Check out all the amazing puns as we sew together our wonderful (and now heavy) coat.

I hope you’re all staying comfortably cool where you are because it’s sweltering here. Canada why do you hit 40c on BOTH sides of 0 every year? ;_;

EDIT BECAUSE I AM A DUMB: To all the wonderful people who’ve sent me contact emails I will reply, but my electronics are all freaking out right now and I am limited to a dataless iPad now that my phone just bricked. I will reply soon!

xox, a slightly melted Calamity