CosPattern Guide: Game of Thrones Ladies Season 6

 All screenshots and pictures of costumes are (c) HBO except where otherwise noted


okay ready?




I absolutely adore the transformations Daenerys goes through in her story arc, and it was particularly awesome to see her wearing her ‘conquering’ dress as the very last shot of Season 6. Based off the white/silver dress of season 5, it has a return of dragon embroidery at her shoulders and its black much like her baby Drogon. Thanks to the brilliant costume designers  working on Game of Thrones, there’s recycled elements and design for this costume so we can go back to a previous season’s costume pattern ( Simplicity 1008) and modify that. Remember, she’s got pants and boots on under the dress, and the dress ends around knee length.

Suggested Modifications

  • We’ll be ditching the contrasting straps and using the ‘margery’ version of the pattern.
  • add slits up to the hip along both front seams
  • shorten dres to knee or just under knee length
  • adjust neckline
  • add cape sleeves
  • embroider all the things.

Suggested Fabrics

  • Natural fabrics if you can manage it. Cotton, cotton blend, etc.
    • This way you can weather it by washing it with just a bit of dye remover



She’s a little hidden behind Dani here, but Missandei is looking like a certified badass herself.  We can use either Simplicity 1008 again or McCalls M6941 to make Missandei’s outfit. The McCalls pattern has the bonus of a skirt pattern that would reduce the amount of altering.

Suggested Modifications

  • Make only the bodice for the top
  • widen the straps
  • adjust armscye to make more diagonal shape
  • extend out the power shoulder
  • if making the simplicity version, cut the skirt pieces to start at the waist and add a waistband facing.

Suggested Fabrics

  • pleather for the top and lined with something breathable.
  • natural fabrics



Like Dani, maybe even more so, Sansa’s had a huge amount of personal change and growth reflected in her hairstyles and her choice of dress. Season six sees her wearing her hair in a simple braid (unlike the other women she’s met, signifying that she has now come into her own) and wearing an amazing velvet wolf dress and cloak. For the dress Butterwick B4827 is a medieval-style dress we can use and just alter the sleeves to be closer to Simplicity’s 1009 as for the cloak, I mean, Cloak X by Cosplay by McCalls (M2016) is perfect, though there’s many cloak patterns out there.

Suggested Modifications

  • Add bell sleeves
  • add the bib for the embroidery
  • practice stank face
  • Instead of crossing the straps of the cloak over the front of your chest, just loop them on like a backpack and tie them behind your back.

Suggested Fabrics

  • velvet or velveteen for the dress
  • faux furs or, completely based on your choice of ethics, a sustainably sourced pelt.
  • the blood of your enemies


So I’m all aboard the Daeneryara ship. Like 110%. Sailing it allll the way to Westeros. My own shipping aside, Yara is a certified badass and I’ve wanted to make her pirate swaggering cosplay for a while now. If I were to, I’d use Valor pattern (M2052) from Cosplay by McCalls and modify it for lady lumps and bumps, and either M7374 or M6800 for the greatcoat.

Suggested Modifications

  • adjust shirt and breeches to fit lady hips, waist and chest
  • pray to the drowned god, weathering so much weathering. Weathering with flower? Baking soda? Powder?
  • If using Yaya’s collared coat, flare out the coat significantly, add hood
  • if using M7374, Lengthen coat and use the hooded variation

Suggested Fabrics

  • something natural will hold all the creasing and weathering of the coat the best
  • for the shirt and breeches the fabric choice is less important, so something less expensive but still comfortable would be good


Cersei’s Black Dress(es)


Okay. I personally believe that Cersei knew exactly what was going to happen to Tommen, and once Tommen refused her trial by combat he was a goner. This dress. Well, dresses. It’s the same cut but different fabrics, the coronation dress is stamped with little lions and the other is a woven fabric. Okay. So, my choice of pattern is a little off-theme (Well actually it’s ALSO a coronation dress…) but Simplicity’s Elsa pattern (1210) works the best of all the patterns I looked through. You get the long sleeves, the skirt that lands just below the ankle, flared skirt, fitted bodice, and the mandarin collar. You just need to Frankenstein it into one dress.

Suggested Modifications

  • Skip the sweetheart neckline and streamline that baby into the sleek smooth panels on Cersei’s dress
  • Move the closure from the back into the centre front
  • adjust sleeves to be more fitted if your fabric is stretch

Suggested Fabrics

  • Okay. Okay. Check out the exact fabrics you need: CosplayFabrics Apprentice Weave for the Light of the Seven dress.
  • For the coronation dress: Yaya Han’s military Faux leather (unless you want to stamp gold baby lions onto pleather by like…hand?)
  • just remember to line the dress with something comfortable and breathable or you’ll be an itchy, sweaty mess after wearing it for a few hours.
  • A lot of wine.

Another time I’ll do the other great characters like Arya, Melissandre and the boys.