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Simplicity  has released it’s fall patterns (It’s NOT FALL YET DAMNIT) and there’s some interesting ones. In addition to Goth Lolita (8233) and Lolita-Alice in Wonderland (8234, 8237), there’s a Men’s pattern (8235) by Arkivestry that can be easily modified into an Assassin’s Creed coat or a Game of Thrones doublet. The Cloak pattern (8238) I’m less impressed with, since there’s already so many cloak patterns out there. I counted 7 cloak or cape patterns on Simplicity’s site alone.

Also, while the Alice in Wonderland patterns are cute, they’re the same pattern. One has an apron and puffier sleeves while the other has the little jacket thing. But they’re so similar that the package designer forgot to erase the jacket lines on the rear view of 8234.


I traced the lines in red on the left image, and notice how that doesn’t match up at all with the skirt of the front view? So, my advice would be if you really love this look, get 8237 draft your own apron.

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Tech Troubles

Luckily I was able to recover my pictures of the finishing touches for part 6 of my Sew-A-Long. Unnnnfortunately I’m still only able to use my ipad or my phone with any reliability (or work computer at lunch…), so updates will be a little sporadic until the replacement parts arrive for my laptop.

I plan to get the next part of the Sew-A-Long up tomorrow. I just want to grab some pictures of the finished project.

Sew Along #2: Kaldwin Coat

  1. Prep and Planning
  2. Muslin #1: Oh God its all wrong. ALL OF IT.
  3. Rinse, repeat #2. Less wrong. Okay. Breathe.
  4. Needs to Applique Self
  5. Sew, Sew, Sew your coat, gently down the seam
  6. Finishing touches + Level Ups [ in progress ]


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5 thoughts on “CosNews – Aug 22/16

  1. I bet I can tell you exactly why they’ve released another cloak pattern: the blue and red with the huge collar is taken straight out of the old Doctor Strange comics, and with the movie coming out soon people will be flocking to something that looks that much like him (its also why they put the big amulet, its supposed to be the Eye).