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Gotta Catch ’em all: Even though Poke fever’s dying down a little, Yaya and McCalls have nailed these two trainer costumes [ M7486 and M7556 ]. Not to mention, the men’s hoodie and pants just look really comfortable and I kind of want to live in them.

There’s also this really cute and not-terribly-inaccurate Regency [ M7493 ] outfit that I’m actually really tempted to get because I’m planning on finally tackling Elsa this year.



Also in Yaya related news, she and CosplayFabrics have released four more gorgeous damask fabrics available through or JoAnn’s if you’re living in the States. Or close enough to hop over for a shopping trip before all the walls get built around it. Unfortunately the JoAnn’s closest to me is too small and doesn’t carry any of the fabric ;-;

Blog News

Sew-A-Long: Notched

The sew along is compete! If you’ve been following along you’re kind of aware of that. But I also noticed this fancy thing:



Running Away

Tomorrow bright and early I run away to Banff with some lovely ladies: Shushuwafflez, Nomadic Goldfish, Melting Mirror, Vickybunnyangel (and not-lady Trickylove but he’s also welcome).

While I’ll have my (new!) laptop with me I won’t be writing as much this week. BUT. I’ll have photos when I get back of pretty-pretty Canada.


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