CosNews -Sept 26/16

Photo by Lichon Photography at Takakkaw Falls.

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Cosplay by McCall’s


Pirates vs Ninjas kimono wearing people!  Or better yet kimono-wearing pirates?

I’ll admit I’m most interested in the kimono ( M2081 ) to see how accurate it is to traditional kimono patterns. But it already looks a lot better than the mess I made of my tentacruel (which I need to revisit one day because it’s still adorable). Still, the pirate blouse ( M2079 ) is really versatile if you’re into renfaires, steampunk or pirate…punk? Is that a thing? It should totally be a thing.

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Beam us up! Or, you. While I admit to enjoying the first new Star Trek movie the universe never grabbed me as much as Star Wars did. But I’m not here to start a flame war, just tell you about patterns. I’m really impressed with the star trek jacket [ 1000101 ], and there’s also a ….’skant’ [ 100001 ](why not just call it a dress? IT’S A DRESS) and a female version [ 100301 ] of The Next Generation onsie [ 100401 ]. For the traditionalists they’ve included the original designs as well [ 100201 ].

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Nature Nocturne

It’s this Friday! I’ll be there at the pokelounge where there’ll be lures, prizes and DINOSAURS.

Stop by, say hi and get a selfie with the dinos before heading to the dance floor! I’ll be wearing a brand new cosplay, the world’s most belligerent flower:

Cowslip's Victree Belle


oxox Calamity