Pic Post! & Some News

Picture thanks to the wonderful H M Cosplay Photography <3

I got back a Photo of my Emily Kaldwin coat that I finished for my sew-a-long. I can tell from the picture that I need to add a bit more ‘stuffing’ to the shoulders to keep them from flopping, and a hidden pair of hooks or snaps to keep the coat front sitting over my bust like it’s supposed to. But! I’m still really happy with how it turned out. I plan on making the rest of the costume, including the vest and scarf, but that will have to wait until a later date when I have time and energy.


NYCC – McCall’s Panel?

I won’t be at NYCC this year (Canadian dollar and the Banff trip means I had to cut back on things, sad face) BUT my contact at McCalls asked if they could use my sew-a-long of the Kaldwin/Notched coat as an example during their panel.

Even if they don’t, that’s hella exciting that they even considered it <3 Even better that they asked.

Selling Off Older Cosplays

I’ve come to the point where I have limited space in my closet and limited opportunity to wear all my cosplays, so I’ll be putting some of my older ones up for sale in the coming days. The costumes that are on the chopping block will be put up on my facebook page, but so far will include:

  • Weiss Schnee ~200$ CAD
    • Bolero (fully lined)
    • Dress (fully lined)
    • Petticoat
    • Wig and ponytail (Arda)
  • The Captain (Pirate/Apocalypse Wendy) ~ 80$ CAD
    • Dress
    • Jacket (fully lined)
    • Hat
    • Goggles
    • hook
    • Necklace
    • ‘Schmee’ bear
  • Beetlejuice ~150$ CAD
    • Suit jacket (fully lined)
    • Suit pants (interlined)
    • Wig (arda)
    • Tie

Hope you all have a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend!