CosNews – Oct 31/16

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Cosplay by McCall’s

Cosplay by McCalls is releasing three new patterns today (see image at top) that are all about the accessories.

Ranging from ‘Very easy’ to ‘Easy’, we’re getting a bolero (Rove), collar and shoulder armor (Fatale), and then my personal favourite: POCKETS (Stash). (Links to come when available on the cosplay by McCalls website!)


A utility belt pattern!

Seriously, I’ve been looking at these types of hip-bags for a while because my back gets sore and then I don’t have to worry about my purse or bag thwacking into people or artist tables at cons. I am absolutely going to make one of these, and will report back on how well it goes! 


Yaya also has a new pattern out for a kimono style top and hakama pants (M7525). This is something that I feel the cosplay community has been waiting for, because researching how to make traditional hakama is intimidating. At least, it’s intimidating for me.



Just in time (literally) for Hallowe’en Simplicity’s added some new cos-friendly patterns to their line. Riddle and Dale Wibben designed a leotard pattern (S8286). It looks similar to the McCall’s Yaya pattern (M7217), but has a mock turtleneck and um… some interesting seam lines on the butt.  From what I can tell, it’s made to use a woven pattern for the centre front and centre back panels, and stretch on the sides.


Butt why, simplicity?

I’m more interested in the Kigu-onesie pattern (S8276). There’s also a cute Lolita Pirate set (S8285) and a geek apron pattern which I hope they have the rights for the Companion Cube to use on (S8279).

Blog News

Things will be more quiet than normal during November as it’s Nanowrimo time, and I’ll be focusing on getting a word-count towards my fiction stuff instead of the blog.

Expect more pictures than text heavy articles.

Have a Spoopy Halloween and a Happy Diwali!

oxox Calamity

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