Hey folks, as many of you are aware, I’m not American but the whole election cycle (HOW DOES IT RUN FOR TWO YEARS THAT IS DUMB) has got me a bit on edge. Why? Because one of your candidates is likely to invade my country for our resources. hahaha… ahahaa /stress

I’ve been trying to write posts but I’m not happy with how they’re coming out. Too much stress and not the positivity that I want to include in what I put up here.

So, if you’re able to, please go vote. Please. And PLEASE not for Cheeto Hitler.

If you can’t, you can join me in stress-drinking and staring at unfinished cosplays under the pretense of ‘planning’.

Or, re-watch all of Yuri! on ice. That shit’s amazing.

okay. be safe folks.

xox Calamity

ps: meme above not mine, I’m not sure who was the creator. if you find out, let me know!

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