(Trying to) Keep things Positive

photography by ctgraphy


So. That didn’t go as expected.  For those unaware, I’m Canadian so I’m not able to vote in American elections but they affect my country all the same.


wow. Ok.

I try to keep the blog here focusing on positive, constructive cosplay talk, sharing the love of the creative and wonderful hobby of playing dress up. Sure, sometimes I’ll get fighty or bristly about things, but I make an effort to always offer ideas to improve the things that have bothered me…

I can’t do that right now.  This election and the results of it have sent a shock through almost everyone I know, and it’s not… not a good one guys. I need some time to get a wrap on all the feelings and fears I’ve got going on, because I want to keep this place positive.


As a result I’m going to take some time off from blogging here. Not forever, just, a week or two. I’m going to focus on creating. I’m going to focus on my friends and the people that I love. And I’m going to focus on the things that I can do right now.

In the meantime, please read up on how to protect yourself and your data online. Crash Override Network is a good place to start. So is The basics are:

  • disable auto-run of .js files and have them open first in notebook instead of your browser.
  • Two step authentication (have facebook, twitter, whatever send you an SMS before allowing login on a new device)
  • Clean up your facebook profile.
    • Remove your birth date,
    • Remove location tagging on your phone, photos and more.
    • Set your privacy settings to friends only.
    • hide your past information like ‘high school attended’, etc.
  • Please, please, please think about what you say online. It’s hard and people are hurting, but right now we’re in the middle of a formative period. What we say will affect those around us. Already people are taking cues from this situation to embolden hatred and violence.

ColossalCon Crew

Note: the photo above is an example of wonderful people in cosplay, not of anyone who may agree or disagree with this blog.

  • As a community that is incredibly queer, genderfluid, heavily feminine (as in, so many of us are ladies), and POC (including  faiths and ethnicities that aren’t visible minorities)
    • We need to stand up for each other
    • We need to be tight and buoy each other up
    • We need to protect each other
    • We need to love each other
    • We need to be all these things for each other because the man in power does not have our best interests at heart.
    • We need to hold the line against hatred.
  • Things we CAN do
    • de-escalate phobic hatred when we see it in public
    • listen to others in our newly minted group. Some people have started calling it Dumbledore’s army, some Nasty Women, whatever. We need to communicate with each other and listen. We’re each other’s life lines now.
    • DO NOT let the people full of fear and hatred split us up.
    • Protest.
    • Fund groups to protect the rights of minorities, disenfranchised people, women,
    • step up when you hear hate speech and let your coworker/friend/brother/father/uncle/grandfather/whatever know that you are not with them. You don’t agree. You don’t agree with the words, the thoughts, none of it. Calmer is better.
    • Remember who the real opponent is: Hatred, fear, and those who voted for him.
    • Take the high road as often as you can, because the  scared white angry people will use that one time you push back as proof that they’re right.
      • That said, protect yourself.
      • Not just physically, emotionally. Mentally.

I’m here for you, I wish I could do more.

I’m thinking though, trying to figure things out.

It’s okay to be afraid, and worried. It’s valid, I know I feel that way even today. But. The way we get through this is together. Be kind to each other. Hug each other, encourage each other. Be kind, be strong. Remember to breathe.


xox Calamity