CosNews – Nov 21/16

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Cosplay by McCall’s

Cosplay by McCalls released two new patterns last week but I was busy hermiting against the cold weather (yes hello, snow) to reach the keyboard.

For the Lolitas, there’s Manikin (M2035, pictured above) which has a blouse, dress, and apron, and then there’s Papillion (M2084), which I’m kind of excited about because you know me and jackets. I can’t turn a good one down.


Okay but try to tell me this isn’t a great look for Jack Skellington?

Er, that’s about it for this news update. Hoping to have more content to put up soon, but dealing with some family, motivation and health stuff at the moment so it might be another week.

wishing you all the best,

oxox Calamity