2017 Goal Post!


This is probably going to change a lot as far as goals for the up coming year ALWAYS change.


Costume goals

  • Finish Yennefer!
    • (almost done, just need to add a waistband to her leggings and adjust part of the jacket.
    • Get a photoshoot of Yennefer (Local Photogs if you’re interested, hit me up!)
  • Finish Black Canary (FINALLY)
    • Probably take in skirt and finish hemming shirt. Add sleeve cuffs, style wig.
    • Debate making gloves.
      • don’t enter a masq, use bought gloves
      • decide to enter a masq, cry, make gloves.
  • Make  FE: Heroes Anna (to a wearable level)
    • First ‘full’ costume made this year.
    • Dat axe, tho.
  • Start on Sombra
    • Get the bunnysuit layers done

Misc Goals

  • Actually book shoots of some of the costumes I don’t have pictures of, like Yennefer and then the other two.
  • Attend Costume Con 35!
  • Be better about posting regularly and start up CosNews again!


Costume Goals

  • Finish Sombra For OCC
    • hopefully won’t take long. Hopefully.
  • Make Marian Hawke for Yeticon
    • definitely not going to be for competition, just for fun.
    • remember to pack kanye shades and smirk.
  • Make my first League costume.
    • also not for competition! whew.

Misc Goals

Enjoy the summer and not stress out over things. Enjoy Yeticon. Enjoy life.


Costume Goals

  • Actually Make Elsa for winter this year (=
  • Make Terra for Kupo Con? Or just in general. ALL THE DYEs will be used.
  • Start on Zelda For early 2018 cons

Misc Goals

Try to not add more costumes x.x

What are your costume goals for this year, now that we’ve officially entered con season 2017? I’d love to hear them!

oxo Calamity