Not Dead!


Work’s just kicking my butt all over the place in a good way. More responsibilities means more energy spent and less free to write blogs and remember to take pictures of sewing progress.

But I’m levelling out and adjusting to the new duties and stuff and kind of really touched that they TRUST me here enough to give me more responsibilities unlike my last job. SO! hoping to grab some pics of my Anna sewing progress and set up some shoots so I’ll have new pictures to share <3

In the meantime I’ve started a Bullet Journal using Sam Maggs’ BuJo blog post as a guildeline (because unlike the others I’ve seen, it’s not crazy fancy and much less intimidating) and I’ve added a few extra pages to keep track of my Cosplay Crap stuff. I’ve got a few pics of what those look like on my twitter.

Hope all’s going well in your respective neck(s) of the woods!

Is there any kind of content you’d like to see on the blog? I’m going to try to be good and proactive and have things lined up to auto-post over the next month and going forward.

  • tutorials?
  • sew a longs?
  • cospattern guides?
  • cosplay culture analysis?
  • Canadian immigration tips?
  • planning and organization tips?
  • interviews of cosplayers?

let me know!

xox, Calamity

4 thoughts on “Not Dead!

  1. All of the above! Especially the Canadian immigration tips – every day it looks more and more like we might need those. Ha, but actually – tutorials would be great! The Yennefer sleeve tutorial was great. Sewalongs are also great, although I imagine a lot of work! Both the Notched and Yaya Corset sewalongs were great, and I love seeing your thought process during the muslin/adjustment stage.

    Congratulations on the job responsibilities, too!