CosNews – Mar 9/17


Proper News


Cosplay by McCall’s

Cosplay by McCalls might have been reading my mind when they released Thirst (M2090) and not just because there’s a pretty model on the cover. (huehuehue, Thirst-y. sorry I’m still mentally 12) I was trying to draft a romantic-sleeve type blouse for my current Anna project, and was frustrated with the armscye when I got the email with announcement of this pattern! The failed draft immediately got tossed into recycling.



They also have Wayfaress (M2085 ) a steampunky set of breeches and butt-skirt that looks pretty great. And not just because I can use this pattern to modify it for finishing up Emily Kaldwin’s full costume, but that’s a major bonus. So is the high-waist.


Yaya Han has a new pattern out with McCalls for all the Hamilfans. Alexander Fanmiltons? I don’t know what to call us other than Hamilton trash. Either way, this coat and vest (M7585) can be used for a pirate, Hamilton costumes, Fallout 4 or other costumes that have a historical flavour to them.


In their Spring release, Simplicity has release three new costume-friendly patterns. The showstopper is an elven inspired gown (8363) that includes: a corset, neck corset, gauntlets, skirt and overskirt/buttcape. There’s also a pattern of the holy grail of cosplay: hats (8361) and an adorable rockabilly pattern (8342).

Cosplay Fabrics

Okay. *DEEP BREATH* Let me take a moment to thank Yaya Han for doing the cosplay Gods’ work when she developed these new fabrics for Cosplay Fabrics. From left to right we have: ombre spandex (also comes in other colours), chainmaille spandex, dual tone taffetas, and Game of Thrones inspired brocades. I can’t get over the ombre spandex, and definitely eyeing the chainmaille fabric for a Dalish elf costume.

Tech Bits n’ Bytes


Shout Around

Long-time cosplay photographer Martin Wong revealed this week that he’s been developing an App for con-goers to keep in touch while also maintaining levels of privacy that aren’t available with some of the other social media apps. I’m really impressed that the app doesn’t specify your exact location when you check into a con, and add new friends by QR code. From what I can tell, it’s an app to replace cosplay cards that people hand out  at cons and that inevitably get lost down someone’s corset. Not that I know from experience. Or anything.

Anyways! You can check out the Shout Around Kickstarter for more information.

Blog News

I’m still working away on Anna for the time being, but I’m also lining up some non-convention photoshoots to get pictures of the costumes I’ve made since it’s been a minute and a half since I’ve been to a con. Rest assured though, that all sewing is being thoroughly inspected by my supurrrvisor.

Have a great Thursday!
xox Calamity