Commissions? Putting out Feelers.

I’d be interested first to see if there’s any interest in commissioning me for designing costumes. Spots would be really limited because time, but I’ve thought about it and the cost model would be something like this:

Tier 1

For $40-50 CAD you’d get

L-R: Design with flat colours, a clean line art example, and breakdown of layers.

  • First rights to cosplay the design
  • Full colour design
    • clean scan/virtual drawing
    • colours and gradients, patterns, etc
  • Detailed Costume design
    • front and back views
    • layered view of how costume might be constructed
  • construction suggestions:
    • fabric type and weight suggestions
      • ex: medium weight twill, light organza, etc.
      • Colour swatches
    • pattern suggestions
    • suggested tutorials
    • advice on any tricky construction parts
  • Basically very similar to the cosplay packages that game companies are putting out these days, only specifically made for you!

Tier 2

 $25-30 would get you


  • First rights to cosplay the design
  • Full colour sketch
    • flat colours
    • patterns
    • clean scan / virtual drawing
  • front and back views in line art

What do you think? I’d love to hear back about this, since it’s still in the thinking and planning stage so feedback would be greatly appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Commissions? Putting out Feelers.

  1. This is definitely something I’d be interested in! I think you’re also charging right about the correct amount (you could go higher, even!). I really dig the tiered system too, as it gives us as customers a few options depending on how much detail we’d like to see and whatnot.

  2. Thank you! I probably will raise the prices after a while when I have a better idea of how long each commission would take. Though I’ll keep the cosplay design package tier as a range in case some people want more of a breakdown than others.