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Convention Schedule


I’m still really looking forward to Costume Con 35 but I won’t be entering any of the Masquerades because work is continuing to kick my butt in a good way and I don’t want to stress out over finishing a costume that I wouldn’t be happy with.

Van and Kudrel

So! I’ll actually be milling around more and looking forward to seeing folks in a more relaxed and learning Con kind of vibe.

Anime North

For the first time since I started Cosplay (again), I won’t be attending AN this year. While I’d love to see friends and the amazing costumes, I’m prioritizing Costume Con and Yeti this year.

Sorry =(

Blog Stuff!

Sew-A-Long #3: Thirst

For Sew-A-Long #3, I’ll be walking through a less intense pattern than Notched and the cupped Corset. Since I’m using Cosplay by McCalls’s Thirst (M2090) blouse for Anna, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to document the progress in a sew-a-long.


Note: Sew-a-long will not include handsome model.
If I knew how to find those, I wouldn’t be single.

As usual, I’ll be making some modifications to the pattern. In this case, I’ll be using a knit material and will be making the torso more fitted so it sits comfortably under Anna’s dress and tabard.

Blog Schedule


I still love this picture of me and sweet bab Ciri, (Kudrel)

Now that I’ve sorted out what I’ll be talking about for the next few months, I’m making a schedule to keep my posts regular and- now that sounds like a fibre commercial. Uh. Well, you know. Posts and stuff.

Mondays: Cosplay Survey Data Posts

Tuesdays: CosNews!

Thursdays: Sew-A-Long Posts

Friday: Costume Progress Pics and/or Cat.

That’s all for today,  hope that you’re all having a great week and figuring out which Alien’s butt to touch in Mass Effect Andromeda.

xox Calamity

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