CosNews – Mar 28/17

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I can never quite figure out Simplicity’s release schedule and despite signing up for newsletters, never get any. SO. Sometimes I miss important additions like the new pattern for a school girl uniform, (100501) which wasn’t there last week when I checked, I swear…

Or the Belle Dress patterns for both the Classic Ballroom dress (8406) and Live Action dress (8040). Important note! The Belle patterns are Premium-Print-on-Demand patterns which I’m guessing means online special order only.


Kamui’s new sewing book, does it make the cut? I’ll be picking this up and writing a review on how this book measures up (huehuehue) to other beginner sewing books that aren’t marketed towards cosplay, but sewing in general.

I’ll admit to being a little dubious about this project when I first heard about it, since Kamui’s known for armor but her sewing has been a bit lacking up until recently. However! finding out that it’s for people who are unfamiliar with sewing makes more sense than an all-around cosplay sewing book.

But if you’re too eager to wait, you can check out the new book on Kamui’s website.

That’s all for this week, have a great Tuesday!
xox Calamity