CosNews – Apr 6/17

Books + Mini Review

Kamui’s Sewing for Beginners – A Quick Review


Is it worth the hard copy? (25$ USD) – No.

Is it worth the electronic copy? (5$ USD) – …No. (sorry)

I feel a little bad saying this, but most of the content in the book can be found online for free by googling for sewing tutorials. I’d been hoping that Kamui would include cosplay-specific content like how to work with difficult materials common on costumes like faux fur, but the closest the book gets is explaining that using a Teflon foot helps when sewing pleather or vinyl.

In the end, while the idea was in the right place, the book is too vague and the content too easily found for free on sewing blogs to justify giving it my recommendation.

The Hero’s Closet: Sewing for Cosplay and Costuming


Another option for cosplayers who are new to sewing but aren’t sure how or where to look is The Hero’s Closet: Sewing for Cosplay and Costuming, written by Gillian Conahan, editor-in-chief of Vogue Patterns Magazine. The Hero’s Closet is available for pre-order on Amazon, and will be released April 18th, 2017.


If there’s enough interest, I might pick this up and offer a review of it’s contents, which at 200 pages is four times as long as Kamui’s Sewing for Beginners.


For more advanced sewists, check out my recommendation list for supplementary books and references!

Contest – Tools by Hollie


Tools by Hollie is holding a contest for designers of all stripes and experience, where you design and make an outfit to match one of their two themes. Prizes include a gift certificate to Mood Fabrics. You can learn more about it on their site at the link provided above.

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Due to a touch of technical difficulties, a trip across the border to pick up supplies and general life stuff, the Cosplay Survey data post will be postponed until next Tuesday.

Sew along part 2 for Thirst will go up tomorrow.

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