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Cosplay by McCall’s

It’s that time again! Time to quietly weep and paw at the screen because Cosplay by McCall’s has two new patterns out! Abigail ( M2089 ) is a pattern for a bodice/vest and full skirt which looking at the line drawings (below) I realised I could have really used for Yennefer’s doublet.


Ahaha. That’s me, always starting projects a few months too early. I need to learn to wait. (Let’s be real, that’s not going to happen.)

The second pattern is Mat Hadders ( M2093 ) which not only messes with my already dubious ability to read words correctly, but is also an accessories pattern that includes a top hat (easy to convert to a covered hat), cuffs, choker and a unicorn headpiece?!


Yes please. I mean, I don’t have any unicorn plans but… it’s so tempting. Worth the inevitable mistakes I’ll make saying and typing this pattern’s name. (Total count so far: 3 in this article alone).


Simplicity also rolled out a bunch of new patterns this past week, including one that has caused a controversy on twitter. For spring, there’s two new steampunk patterns: the first is waistcoats and shirts ( S8408 ) and the other which is boleros and skirts ( S8409 ). Simplicity has also paired with MangoSirene to release a pokemon trainer pattern ( S8410 ).

What about the fourth simplicity pattern?

Costumer Pattern Controversy

Paired with American Duchess, Simplicity is releasing a dress inspired by Claire’s Red Dress (TM) from Outlander. The pattern ( S8411 )covers the panniers (!), bodice and skirt. Presumably the sewist would make their own petticoats and chemise. So what’s the big deal?


Terry Dresbach, designer of the actual Red Dress (TM) that Claire wears on the show, has decided to close down her blog where she used to share behind the scenes details on the costumes she produced for the show.


But why? Dresbach cited the fact that Simplicity doesn’t credit her or her team on the pattern as one of the  main reasons, along with the pattern’s design being copied from hers. Not only that, but they went with another designer to produce the pattern.  While ethically, this is pretty crappy for Dresbach, legally Simplicity isn’t required to credit Dresbach, since Sony is the owner of all designs produced for the show. Whether or not the production company or the designer should hold rights has become a topic of contention as fashion lines inspired by films and tv shows become more popular.

Simplicity and other pattern lines have a history of releasing not-quite-official patterns of popular media. *koffGAMEOFTHRONESkoff*

Simplicity? copying designs from popular media?

So, I guess now in this world of costumes and patterns for cosplayers from social media we purchasers have a decision to make. Do we continue to buy the ‘not-official’ patterns? Or do we decide to support the original designers and focus only on licensed patterns or recreating costumes from scratch? While that’s an ideal solution, for beginners a pattern with everything included is ideal.

I don’t have an answer to this, but I’m curious to see what you all think about the issue. Drop a comment here or on facebook!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and Passover!
xox Calamity

3 thoughts on “CosNews – Apr 18/17

  1. I have to say, I do not have a problem with this. Other than costumes this happens in the fashion industry on a regular basis. Remember that scene in The Devil Wears Prada where she describes how Andy’s blue sweater came to be? It’s like that. I would have a problem with it if Dresbach was also selling copies of her pattern to home sewists and cosplayers.

    1. Yes, you are right. It works that way.
      Several people, including me, asked Terry about patterns, but she said that was not something she was considering. So what is the problem then that someone else makes a pattern. It’s not even an exact one.

  2. I’m kind of puzzled at her reaction because she doesn’t have any control over what Sony would do with her costume design, right? Seems like it would be Sony who would cut up rough.

    On that Abigail pattern, how the heck are they shaping the bust? I don’t see any princess seams or darts?