CosNews – May 15/17

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Cosplay by McCall’s

So, this wave of patterns is pretty much a dream come true for me. If you’ve followed me for a while you know how much I love jackets. Like, seriously, how many costumes have I made that have jackets? Wendy, Wizard, Weiss, Beetlebabe, Inquisitor 1, and 2, Yennefer… a lot. I like jackets a lot.

Okay. So. We have an evil queen jacket ( Eventide – M2088 ), an elven draped cape-jacket (Phantasy – M2092) and bolero-corset-cage-skirt outfit (Red Reign – M2091) and surely this is enough to keep me busy-


Then here comes Yaya Han with a sharp-shouldered tailed jacket and vest combo (M7616) .  Excuse me, I need to go lie down for a minute.

Oh, and there’s a really cute tutu pattern out too. M7615_a.jpg

You might even say it’s too-too cute! (look it’s the Monday after a con, I’m running low on puns and caffeine isn’t helping as much as I need it to be. I’ll post an Ottawa Comic Con thing tomorrow.)

Simplicity – Red Dress UPDATE.


The Red Dress is no longer red. That should clear up any hurt feelings, right? no?

Upcoming Cons and Stuff!

Anime North

Not attending this year, sorry 🙁



Pic by Alexsaurusink

YES YES YES YES YES. I am so excited for this. I want to be outside and patting all the dogs and in the forest. Not entirely sure what costumes I’ll be bringing, but Sombra and Anna are on the list. Probably also Black Canary, two of these are over 80% done, so this is actually a pretty solid confirmation.

Montreal Comic Con

yes! I’ll be submitting a few panel suggestions for cosplay. If you’re a local or planning to attend and have a suggestion, drop me a line! Unsure about costumes so far other than Black Canary, so I might just be in Civvies. Or I might bring my Inquisitor if I fix the bits that broke.


I’ll be there! I’ll also be debuting the two new costumes of the summer, one of which is a secret! (hush hush) and one will be light and airy and perfect for the warm weather of August.


If you’re a photographer or just want to grab a photo don’t hesitate to drop me a message before the con, we all know how service can be at these things.

xox Calamity