CosNews – Jun 5/17

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Cosplay by McCalls continues to release so many patterns that I missed posting about this set last week. Shit! Sorry folks, this one slipped through the cracks. It’s all accessories this time: Boot covers-slash-spats (Foot Fetish: Gilded – M2097); gloves gauntlets, claws and eye patches (Hand Eye Coordination – M2095); and a cute Lolita-esque set of bonnet, cape and- OH MY GOD THIS IS PERFECT FOR THE DOLL FROM BLOODBOURNE.


Image from



(Becoming Emilie – M2098). (note: WordPress doesn’t like accented letters, sorry.)

Well. I guess that might be another sew-a-long. Or….  or it also looks like the Firekeeper from Dark Souls 3…


Decisions are hard.

Con Fashion

So, I discovered an amazing vendor at Ottawa Comic Con this year called Siamurai Apparel. After dragging Vickybunnyangel, Melting Mirror and Miss Messy Mia to the booth, it seems that cosplayers have a new favourite for con fashion.

Samurai Pants.


Siamurai Apparel also sold at Anime North a few weeks later and I’ve been seeing the pants everywhere online since. Which is amazing because they are literally the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. I’m not sure if its the 100% cotton in beautiful prints, the fact that I theoretically could do the splits in these (hahaha Theoretically is the key word) or the fact that they’re ‘one size fits most’ but are universally flattering. What IS this magic?


Anyways, they’re already my go-to pants when its hot out, and will be a staple of my actual wardrobe. Also it’s a small family run business and the owner is super sweet. If they’re at a con near you I highly recommend.

Blog News

Thirst Sew-a-long – Part 3

The third and final part of the Thirst Sew-a-long will go up tomorrow. We’ll be putting in the sleeves, hemming the shirt, adding the cuffs and the collar.

Upcoming Events!

Yeticon! Blue Mountain June 16-18


I’ll be wearing Anna Friday and Yen Saturday. Hopefully the weather is beautiful and hope to see everyone who’s going there!

xox Calamity