CosNews – Jul 10/17

Proper News


Yaya Han Patterns!


So they’re not all Yaya Han patterns but as usual those are the ones I’m most excited over. HATS Fascinators! ( M7643 ). Assassiny-things! ( M7645 Women’s and M7646 Men’s). A feminine version ( M7644 ) of the duster pattern that came out a while ago in men’s ( M7374 ).

There’s also some super cute Evil Queen jackets ( M7641 ), a gown ( M7642 )I’m not sure what this is inspired by, the butt-roll looks Elizabethan but the rest I’m not sure of. I’m behind on consuming pop culture -_-. And an adorable vintage dress ( M7625 ) that is perfect for a work dress.

Upcoming Cons and Stuff!

Con Bravo!

I know I mentioned this last CosNews, but now I have a pretty picture. Also, I’ll be MCing the Masquerade, so if you’re already going to ConBravo and like puns, come check it out.

Also-also, I’ll be on some panels with wonderful other guests, talking about Advanced cosplay techniques, going ‘pro’ as a cosplayer (which while I’m not a pro cosplayer, I have experience in business plans and financial stuff), as well as how to stand out in a crowd! (both online and in person.

The key is platforms. [because shoes but also social media]. I love puns.)

Updates will be sparse for a while, I got a temp promotion at work so I’m going to be working my ass off until they want to give me a permanent promotion.

xox Calamity