Con Bravo! Countdown


So I’ve been pretty quiet lately because in addition to being busy with my day job I also had the flu from hell knock me on my ass for the last week. I’m finally feeling better, though I still get tired pretty easily, so if I look a little spacey this weekend when you come to say hi, please forgive me!

The con line-up has changed a bit because, well, uh, due to not eating much for a week, some of the costumes I was planning on wearing won’t fit. Also I didn’t have time to finish off one of them.

Calamity’s ConBravo! Schedule


A note: I like how most of my panels are after 10pm, clearly they know my brand of ‘swearing at the sewing machine’.

Check out the ConBravo Schedule for all the other awesome stuff going on!

Friday, July 28

How To make Your Cosplay Stand Out From the Crowd
11:00pm, Webster A
With Meowlry

Calamity and Cat

Have you ever wanted to be the one jaw-dropping Deadpool in a sea of 20 Deadpools? We’re here for you! Learn how to add your own individuality to your costumes and make them pop.

Saturday, July 29

Cosplay Freecycle
10:30am, Webster B

sweet baby jesus

I have too much stuff guys. WAY TOO MUCH. Please come take some.

Cosplay Picnic
12:00pm, Courtyard

Prance around and be awesome in your costume. (That was almost a rhyme.) I won’t be there the entire time but I want to come see the lovely costumes.

6:30pm, Ballroom

photo by Narcissus Photography

I will be MC’ing the Masquerade! Come see pretty costumes! Great performances, Puns!

The Business of Going Pro
10:00pm, Webster A
With Gothic Hamlet, Bec’s Cosplay Wonderland & Tenleid


Learn how to take your hobby to the next level and how it pays to have a business plan. Social media and online crowdfunding sites will be covered as well as the do’s and don’ts of how to be successful. Applicable to cosplayers, vloggers, & streamers!

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Sunday, July 30

Advanced Cosplay Techniques
1:00pm, Webster A
With Meowlry


What happens when you’ve been cosplaying for a while but you want to find resources to really up your game? or there’s advanced techniques that aren’t mentioned in cosplay 101 panels and you’re not sure where to start looking? Topics covered will include corset making, tailoring, historical clothing and armor design.

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I can’t wait to see you all there!

xox, Calamity