September Update!

oh hi


Contrary to a co-ordinated effort of two different kinds of illness (thanks conplague/flu) and work, I’m still around! I just needed time to deal with the increased workload of…work… and then recover from an eventful few months.

First I was a guest at ConBravo that, aside from some hiccups, was a really great experience. Then while recovering from the ConBravo! cold I chilled out at Otakuthon and took it easy since I was still pretty exhausted. But enough about the past, what’s coming up this fall here at Cosplay Calamity?

Well, I’m not really sure to be honest.

First I got a promotion (sort of) at work and the extra brain power required every day has been kind of exhausting, but I’m adjusting to it. Secondly after feeling itchy about it for a few months I started going through my hoard of fabric and cosplay supplies, and hosted a local Sell n’ Swap meet where I was able to get rid of some of my stuff and help some cosplayers with props/wigs/fabric that they were looking for that I uh… had.


How much did I have to go? TOO MUCH. I feel the slight need to say defensively that this picture includes things from Miss Messy Mia (who is the roommate) and my mother who taught me how to sew.

I’m definitely interested in hosting more of these at cons that are coming up next year, because it was also nice and relaxed social time that I don’t get with some of the faces I saw (and met!) otherwise.

Speaking of Cons, I’m making a last minute trip to Sherbrooke, QC, for Animaracon this weekend and I’m really looking forward to another laid-back con even though I haven’t decided hat I’ll be bringing? Mostly it depends on the weather. But the chances are high that I’ll be bringing victreebelle and  Black canary. If you feel like shooting with either let me know! I have no pictures of either aside from a selfie, per.

I hope to get back to updating more regularly soon, there’s a few costumes I’ve starting poking at and I can’t wait to get energy to really sit down and start on them. Here’s a sneak peek though:


Anyhow, I hope you’re all doing well and having a safe time,

xox Calamity,